Carr Fire Recovery Resources

Relief information and assistance for student victims of the Carr fire.

FAQs for Students

Q: Where can I go for information on available resources?

A: We have created a Student Support Center in Room 2314. Please visit this Center for information, documents, light refreshments and emotional support.

Q: Are there any grants or scholarships available for those affected by the Carr Fire?

A: Students who have been affected by the Carr Fire can apply for the “Carr Fire Relief Grant” to meet immediate educational needs. More information as well as the application can be found at

Q: I need help processing this event. Where can I go?

A:  You may go to the Student Support Center or you may contact the Health and Wellness Office which will re-open on August 20. Crisis counseling drop-in appointments are available daily 11am or 3pm. Brief drop-in appointments with a counselor may also be available in the 100 Building.

Q: I lost my home.  How will my financial aid be disbursed?

A: Your financial aid will be disbursed as normal through the Bank Mobile process. To ensure that you do not have a check mailed to you, please make sure you choose a preference through Bank Mobile. Students who do not choose a preference will be mailed their financial aid disbursement after 45 days. You can call 1-877-327-9515 for assistance.

Q: Will my financial aid be adjusted to account for my losses?

A: Any student who has not been eligible for financial aid and has been affected by the fires should consult with the Financial Aid Office and inquire about special circumstances given their current situation. You can also visit the financial aid home page for more information.

 ‚ÄčQ: How long will it take for my financial aid to be processed?

 A: There are no changes to financial aid processing. Please check the financial aid homepage for processing information and                                      estimated timeframes.

Q: I am required to turn in verification documents for financial aid which are no longer accessible due to the Carr Fire. What are my options?

A: Please contact the Financial Aid office at 530-242-7700 for guidance.

Q: I am a student loan borrower in repayment or close to being in repayment and cannot afford to make any payments. What are my options?

A: Please contact the Financial Aid Director at 530-242-7659 for assistance.

Q: I need to register for classes, but I can’t pay the registration and enrollment fees.  What are my options?

A: For students who are not able to pay their tuition balance in full at the time of registration, Shasta College has partnered with Nelnet to offer students another option. Nelnet is a company that specializes in campus commerce to make payments easy for students and their families. Additional information is available on the Enrollment Services / Payment Plan Procedure website.

Q: I have general questions about financial aid, registration and orientation.  Where do I go?

A: Staff at the Student Success Center are available for drop-in questions or by phone at (530) 242-7671 or (530) 242-7672.  Specific questions about a financial aid file should be directed to or (530) 242-7700.

Q: I am a concurrent student.  When may I register? 

A: Registration for concurrent students who are entering the 11th grade and below began 8:00 am Monday, August 6 for the fall term.  Registration for 11th and 12th grade concurrent students continues to be available.  Registration for dual enrollment courses taken at a high school will be handled in cooperation with high school instructors.  

Q: When does “Open Enrollment” begin for the fall semester? 

A: “Open Enrollment” for the fall semester began 1:00 pm Monday, August 6 and will continue through the beginning of the fall semester.

Q: I need assistance with assessment and course placement. Where do I go?

A: If you wish to take a course that has a prerequisite or placement requirement, please see a counselor for clearance.  The Assessment Center is closed until further notice as it is being used as part of the Evacuation Center.

Q: If I have to drop classes, will I be refunded? 

A: For most classes, most students have until August 31st to drop most courses for a full refund. Please check with the Admissions and Records Office for specific course information. Non-resident students should contact Admissions and Records regarding their particular circumstances. If you are unable to drop within the first two weeks of the fall semester, you may submit a Petition for Late Drop/Withdrawal.

Q: If I am due a refund, how will it be disbursed?

A:  Your refund will be credited back to the same credit card if the refund is issued within 45 days of the charge occurring. If the refund was issued over 90 days of the charge and you paid by cash or check, then the refund will be mailed through the regular postal service. If you have lost your home and/or do not have access to mail due to the Carr Fire, please contact the Business Office as soon as possible at (530) 242-7680.