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Computer Basics

Learn basic computer skills in Internet Navigation, Microsoft Operating System and Software, Email, and Canvas.

Welcome to our guide to computer basics

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Basic icons

Start Menus- The Start menu provides access to programs installed on the computer, and as "Start" implies, it's often the place that you'll go to start or open things. To open the Start menu, click the the Start menu button at the bottom-left corner of the screen or press the Windows key on the keyboard.

windows  start         

My Documents- Icon that allows access to saved files, images, music, videos and programs.

windows explorer image

Web Browsers-  Allows user to search the internet. Different icons represent different companies that created the browser.

google browser             Internet Explorer                Firefox           apple browser

Google                     Internet Explorer         Firefox           Apple Safari 

My Computer- Allows access to hard drives (where programs are saved) and removable disks (such as CDs or Flash Drives).

my computer icon

Recycle Bin-  Folder for deleted files. User can retrieve/restore files if necessary or empty permanently. 

Recycle Bin

Volume Control- Used to increase/ Decrease volume. 


WiFi Signal- Displays WiFi connection and signal strength. 

WiFi logo

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are a combination of keys on a keyboard to perform a function.

Keyboard shortcuts are universal and time saving. 

Ctrl-C:  Copy highlighted text, image or content.

Ctrl-X:  Cut highlighted text, image or content.  

Ctrl-V:  Paste highlighted copied text or content. 

Ctrl-Z:  Undo previous action.

Ctrl-P:  Print current page or document. 

Ctrl-F:  Find text on page. 

Ctrl +: Increase text size on screen.