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Computer Basics

Learn basic computer skills in Internet Navigation, Microsoft Operating System and Software, Email, and Canvas.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are a combination of keys on a keyboard to perform a function.

Keyboard shortcuts are universal and time saving. 

Ctrl-C: Copy highlighted text, image or content.

Ctrl-X: Cut highlighted text, image or content.  

Ctrl-V- Paste highlighted copied text or content. 

Ctrl-Z- Undo previous action.

Ctrl-P- Print current page or document. 

Ctrl-F- Find text on page. 

Basic Icons

Start Menus- Menus that contain frequently used programs, common programs or programs set appear on menu.

windows  start         

My Documents- Icon that allows access saved files, images, music, videos and programs.

windows explorer image

Web Browsers-  Allows user to search the internet. Different icons represent different companies that created the browser.

google browser             Internet Explorer                  Firefox           apple browser

Google    Internet Explorer       Firefox            Apple Safari 

My Computer- Allows access to hard drives (where programs are saved) and removable disk (such as CDs or Flash Drives).

my computer icon

Recycle Bin-  Folder for deleted files. User can retrieve/restore files if necessary or empty permanently. 

Recycle Bin

Volume Control- Used to increase/ Decrease volume. 


WiFi Signal- Displays WiFi connection and signal strength. 

WiFi logo

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