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Engl 1A - College Composition

Combining Search Terms

"Stem cells" AND cloning AND bioethics

Adoption AND (interracial OR "ethnic identity")

(ADHD OR "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder") AND (medication OR drugs)

(Bullying OR cyberbullying) AND (online OR internet)

("Capital punishment" OR "death penalty") AND ("lethal injection*" OR execution)

"Gun control" AND child* AND (teach or educate*) AND safe*

("illegal aliens" OR immigration) AND ("immigration law" OR "government policy")

Marijuana AND (Law OR Legislation OR "drug legalization" OR "narcotic law*")

(Obesity OR overweight) AND child* AND (school* OR "school district*")

("Same sex" OR gay) AND ("marriage law*" OR "civil unions") and California

(disabled OR wounded OR "medical care") AND veterans AND benefits

Using Boolean to narrow your search

Search Commands




to truncate words at their roots or stems

safe* for 

safe and safety

“  “

quotation marks

to enclose a phrase or name

“gun control” 




to connect related terms

global OR international

(   )


To nest terms when for searches with multiple commands

(global OR international)




to combine multiple facets

(global OR international) AND safe* AND “gun control”

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