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Google+ video feature

Google Hangout is a feature of Gmail and Google+ (similar to Facebook) that allows you to have live chat sessions with "friends" (others in Gmail and/or Google+) in what Google calls a "Hangout." Once in the Hangout you can turn it into a live video call with up to 10 friends or simply search for a contact to start a voice call from your computer. The video feature of Google Hangouts affords students some qualities that are present in face-to-face conversation, such as: video, audio, chat/IM, screenshare, synchronous office document editing, and other miscellaneous tools that can aid in online collaboration.Hangout example

How it works

Steps to a Hangout-

From Gmail:

  1. Log in to Gmail
  2. Select the start video call icon  video icon
    • (if you have not made a Google+ account before it will take you to set one up)
  3. Click on the quotations marks icon on the right
  4. Then click start a new hangout
  5. Enter name or email address of recipient

From Google+

  1. Log in to Google+
  2. On the right hand side log in to Hangouts
  3. Click on “Start a video hangout” from the bottom
  4. Enter name or email address of recipient