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Open Educational Resources

ECE 1 Human Development, Kate Ashbey, Wade Stewart, Jeanette Veich, Eleanor Delgado

ENGL 1A College Composition, Paul Calkins

GEOG 15 Introduction to Remote Sensing, Charles Shoemaker

History 17A

History 17B, U.S. History, 1877 - present, Chris Rodriguez

Math 14, Introduction to Statistics, Deborah Griffin

MATH 102, Intermediate Algebra, Parker

Math 220, Basic Mathematics, Debra Griffin

MUS 10 Music Appreciation, Liz Waterbury

MUS 11 History of Jazz and Early Rock, Larry Grandy, Ph.D. (Fall 2018)

Music 15, History of Rock, Larry Grandy, Ph.D. (Spring 2019)

PSYCH 1A General Psychology, Foust, Parilla-Anderson, Strahan

PSYCH 1A General Psychology, Lenore Frigo

PSYCH 41 Cultural/Soc Context Childhood, Strahan

Psychology 46, Human Memory and Learning, Lenore Frigo

Sociology 1, Introduction to Sociology, Heather Wylie and Devin Kutil

SOC 2 Social Problems, Lanthier

Sociology 25, Sociology of Minorities, Heather Wylie and Devin Kutil

Student Development 90, Career Choice

Theater 1, Intro to Theater Arts, Greg Thorson