ECE 1 - Human Development


In How to find peer reviewed articles I used the example search:

autism AND child AND preschool

However the search can be refined and expanded by using search commands called Boolean:

Search Commands




to truncate words at their roots or stems

autis* = autism, autistic

child* = child, child's, children, etc.

preschool* = preschool, preschools, preschoolers

“  “

quotation marks

to enclose a phrase or name

"pervasive development disorder"



to connect related terms

autis* OR "pervasive development disorder"

(   )


To nest terms when for searches with multiple commands

(autis* OR "pervasive development disorder")




to combine multiple facets

(autis* OR "pervasive development disorder") AND child* AND preschool*

So if we wanted to find about children with autism in preschool our search could be:

(autis* OR "pervasive development disorder") AND child* AND preschool*

In the database search box it would look something like this: searching with boolean

Another example could be:

(attach* OR bond* OR separat*) and (infan* OR toddler*) and anxiety

Remember you may not get the perfect search the first time, and often syonyms and other words to narrow your topic can be discovered through trying a general search first. Try it yourself!