Connections. Shasta College Welcome Back Day, 20 August 2018

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Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (Library Room 234)

The CELT is a resource center that includes a lending library, meeting space, faculty workstation, large screen monitor, and educational technology assistance. The CELT workstation and library are accessible whenever the Shasta College Library is open and other times by appointment.  To reserve the CELT for a meeting, please contact Brianne Brichacek.

Friendships on Campus: The 3 Requirements of All Healthy Relationships

When employees have meaningful relationships at work, they are not only 7 times more likely to be engaged in their job, but they also treat customers better, take fewer sick days, have fewer workplace accidents, share their opinions and collaborate more, and feel more committed to their current organization. So it stands to reason that if we create a campus where friendships are encouraged and nurtured it would not only increase our own personal health and happiness and benefit the school with our engagement and increased retention, but the more connected we feel to each other— the more we’ll know how to model, teach, and support the relationships of the students in our classrooms. No matter who we are, we can increase our relationship competence when we better see the components of bonding and what actions lead to trust.In this highly interactive workshop/keynote, Shasta Nelson, a leading friendship expert, will break down the 3 actions that make up healthy relationships and facilitate fun sharing and bonding, provide structured and effective brainstorming, and ensure the development of a game plan for any group of people to think through creative and collaborative ways we can each lead more powerfully because of the strong relationships we know how to develop.

Resilience in Disaster Communities




Dr. Martin Luther King's Beloved Community

Shasta Nelson @ Shasta College, Fall 2018