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Climate Change

Environment Resources to help students conduct research on topics of Climate Change

Topic Ideas

  1. Impact of Climate Change on Human Health
  2. Global Warming and Extreme Heating in Urban Areas
  3. Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather
  4. Varying Rainfall Patterns and Your Health
  5. Reducing Wildfires through Management of Global Warming
  6. Ocean Acidification and its Effects on the World’s Habitat
  7. Health Effects of Global Warming on the Earth’s Population
  8. Global Warming, Natural Disasters and the Correlation with Mental Illness
  9. Global Warming and Excessive Climate Change and the Risk to Wildlife or Human Lives
  10. Warmer Temperatures and its Support for Allergy-Related Diseases
  11. Investigating Climate Change Effects on the Quality of Life in Urban and Rural Areas
  12. Effects of Global Warming on Health Care
  13. Reducing the Effects of Global Warming on Human Health
  14. How Global Warming Works and its Dangers to Human Health
  15. Climate Change Droughts and Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa
  16. Global Warming and its Negative Effects on Agriculture 
  17. Climate change, Irregular Weather Patterns and the Food Chain
  18. Health Risks Associated with Greenhouse Emissions and Global Warming
  19. Global Warming  Effects on: Air Quality,  or water resources, or cities, or economy, or biodiversity.
  20. Climate Change and the Rainforest

Key Words for Topic Ideas - Basic List

"climate change"

"global warming"

"sea level*"

"greenhouse gas*"


"greenhouse effect*" 


Searching for Topics

amazon AND ("rain forest*" or rainforest*) AND (fire* or wildfire*) AND ("global warming" or "climate change")


"climate change" and (truth* or dispute* or false*)

wildfire* AND (recovery or restoration)

"wildland urban interface" AND "defensible space"

health impact* AND"global warming"


electric vehicle* AND emission* AND United States


climate change AND alternative energy

plastic* and ("developing countr*" or "third world" or china or brazil) and (profit* or recycle* or pollut*)   

(“climate change” or “global warming”) AND (pay* or responsib*) AND (justice or injustice)