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ECE 9 - Child Growth and Development

Samples of investigative research methods, and other resources that support ECE 9.

Find Articles in these Online Databases

Recommended Journals at the Library

Two of the journals your instructor recommended can be found in print at the Shasta College Library.

Journal Title Location
Child Development Shasta College, Print, 2004 to 2009
Young Children Shasta College, Print, most recent 5 years


Step by Step directions to find peer reviewed articles in the library

  1. Click the link for Academic Search Premier

  2. If you are off campus you will need to enter your 14-digit library card number (without spaces) and click Login.

    1. If you do not have a Library card please navigate to the "Find help in the Library" tab to apply for a library card

  3. Click on choose databasesto search multiple online databases

  4. Click the box by ERIC, Professional Development Collection, and Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

  5. Click OK

  6. Try a broad search first such as: pactice search

  7. Scroll down to make sure that Full Text is checked under Limit your results

  8. After you have clicked Search, to narrow your results click the box for "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" and drag the arrow to narrow to only articles published after 2004scholarly peer reviewed journals from 2005

  9. Try a search of your own with the topic for your Interest Report.

  10. Once you have found an article that interests you, you can click on the title to get more information.

  11. On this page you can find the author name, year of publication, title of article, journal title, journal number, and page numbers.

  12. For example: Article example

  13. When you are on this page, also take note that the Peer Reviewed field states "yes," and if you continue to scroll down you can see that the Publication Type is "Journal Articles; Reports - Research." Other credible publication types include "Academic Journal."

  14. From here you can also click on PDF full text to read the article, or email to email it to yourself.

    1. It is highly recommended that you email the article to yourself so that you can find it again later

    2. You can also get a computer generated citation included in the email by selecting Citation format, APA

    3. WARNING: because this is computer generated you may need to edit it to fit the format required by your instructor

  15. Click on results list at the top left of the page to get back to the list of articles

  16. Select more article titles for your assignment

Recommended Journals online

Two of the journals your instructor recommended can be found online through the Shasta College Library.

Journal Title Location
Child Development EBSCO Academic Search Premier, 1930 to 1 year ago
Infant Mental Health Journal EBSCO Academic Search Premier, 1985 to 1 year ago


Click the link below to find articles

APA article citation example

The citation for the article example at left would look something like this:

Kaale, A., Smith, L., & Sponheim, E. (2012).

A randomized controlled trial of preschool-based joint attention intervention for children with autism. Journal Of Child Psychology And Psychiatry, 53(1), 97-105.

Please see the APA tab for more on APA citations!