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forest fire, wildfire, wildland fire, peat fire, agricultural fire, prescribed fire, agricultural burning, bushfire, landscape fire, or biomass burning


public health, human health, population health, community health, epidemiol*, toxicol*, firefighter or "fire fighter", respiratory, lung function, asthma, cardiovascular, ocular, birth outcomes, birth weight, pre-term birth, psychological, mental health, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), physiological, biomarker, cancer, mortality, or chamber

Samples: Searching for Topics with Keywords

Combine search words to find articles:

amazon AND ("rain forest*" or rainforest*) AND (fire* or wildfire*) AND ("global warming" or "climate change")

wildfire* AND (recovery or restoration)

"wildland urban interface" AND "defensible space"

wildfire* AND (lung or respiratory) AND (disease* or illness or chronic) AND (smoke or particulate*)

(Shasta or Redding) AND (fire* or wildfire*)

("fuel reduction" or "defensible space") AND wildfire*

wildfire* or "forest fire*" AND cause* AND prevent* or ignit*

Wildfire*  AND fraud*  AND (insurance or contractor*)

Wildfire articles available online (general)

Search for articles in national newspapers (includes LA Times)

California Wildfires, articles and podcasts from databases and select websites