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Climate Change

Environment Resources to help students conduct research on topics of Climate Change

Databases for peer reviewed journals

Databases for newspapers

Searching for your topic

amazon AND ("rain forest*" or rainforest*) AND (fire* or wildfire*) AND ("global warming" or "climate change")

"climate change" and (truth* or dispute* or false*)

wildfire* AND (recovery or restoration)


"wildland urban interface" AND "defensible space"

health impact* AND"global warming"


electric vehicle* AND emission* AND United States

climate change AND alternative energy

plastic* and ("developing countr*" or "third world" or china or brazil) and (profit* or recycle* or pollut*)   

(“climate change” or “global warming”) AND (pay* or responsib*) AND (justice or injustice)

Keywords of topic ideas

"climate change"

"global warming"

"sea level"

"greenhouse gas*"


"greenhouse effect"