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Resources to support research for Civic Expo topic on Public Health as well as other public health related subjects.

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(Obesity OR overweight) AND child* AND (school* OR "school lunch*")

(disabled OR wounded OR "medical care") AND veterans AND benefits

(ADHD OR "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder") AND (medication OR drugs)

"Medical Marijuana" AND (Law OR Legislation OR "drug legalization" OR "narcotic law*")

(infectio* or contagio*) AND epidemic* AND Mumps

measles AND (vaccin* or immuniz*) AND "personal belief*"

(vaccin* or immuniz*) AND ("parent attitude" or belief*) AND exempt*

(eye* or vision) AND (exam* or screen*) AND (importance or need)

"public health" AND (problem* or challenge* or trend*) AND "United States"


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