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Legal Resources

Search tip: Choosing a database

HeinOnline is an online database that provides coverage from law-related periodicals,  government documents, constitutions, world trials, classic treatises and much more!

Shasta College does not subscribe to any other databases that specifically cover legal issues. Academic Search and MasterFILE both provide coverage of a wide range of topics and are great starting places. The Military & Government database includes law review articles. You can also choose a subject-specific database that relates to your topic. For example, for articles covering the legal aspects of a business topic, you may want to search Business Source Elite. Or, for reports of legal cases in the news, try a newspaper database such as America's News, Newspaper Source or Proquest National Newspapers.   

Visit the Library's databases page for descriptions of what subjects each database covers.

Search tip: Choosing your words

If you are looking for articles that cover the legal aspect of a topic, try combining the words describing your topic with a "legal" word or phrase such as legal, laws, law and legislation, and constitutional law. Here are a couple of tips and some examples:

If you are using a phrase (2 or more words), put them in quotes: "law and legislation"

Use the word AND to combine your topic words and your "legal" words: fluoridation and "law and legislation" ; abortion and "constitutional law"       

Search tip: Finding laws by name

We know some laws by name; if you are researching a specific law you can try a phrase search with the name of the law in quotation marks: "patient protection & affordable care act" ; "patriot act".

Note that searching by name can be tricky since we often know law names by nicknames or acronyms (e.g. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act = "Obamacare" ; the Patriot Act is actually the USA PATRIOT Act = Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001)

If you want to look up the official name of a law, try the Table of Popular Names list on the Cornell University Law School's Legal Information Institute site.