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Music search strategies

Search Commands

* asterisk

Truncates words at their root

Increases the number of articles retrieved

symphon* for symphonic, symphonies, symphony

instrument* for instrument, instrumental, instrumentation, instruments...

" " quotation marks

Encloses a phrase or name

Decreases the number of articles retrieved

"basso coninuo"  

"civil war"

or   Connects related terms film* or movie*
( ) parentheses Groups similar ideas (renaissance or baroque)
and   Combines multiple parts of your research question

(film* or movie*) and score* and compos*

("art song*" or lied* or melodie*) and Schubert


Sample Search Strategies

"Leonard Bernstein" AND "New York Philharmonic" AND conduct*

Chopin AND piano AND nocturnes

"Music therap*" AND child* AND autist*

(hymns OR psalms) AND music AND history would be entered into the search box like this: