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Popular topics for MUS 10 term paper

  • The history of an individual instrument
    • popular examples include: piano, guitar, violin, etc.
  • The development of an individual instrument
    • for example: harp, trumpet, etc.
  • History of musical theatre
  • The development of electronic music
  • History of Celtic Music
  • The life of an individual composer
    • popular examples include: Beethoven and Chopin
  • Music of the Civil War era
  • Protest music of the Vietnam War
  • Film music
    • popular examples include: Howard Shore, John Williams, etc.
  • History of Early Jazz
    • it is recommended to keep topic of jazz interest between the years of 1910 and 1930
  • Ragtime
    • it is recommended to keep topic of ragtime interest between the years of 1910 ad 1930
  • Origins of opera
  • German opera
    • popular examples include: Wagner
  • The development of the art song
  • Music Therapy


The resources linked to this guide are a sampling of what is available in the library's online and physical collection.  The materials the library owns change on a daily basis.  To find more books, articles, and films on your topic, please search the library catalog.  

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