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Popular topics for MUS 14 term paper

  • Write a biography paper. Include one or two musical examples with your own comments.         

  • The development of Indian Filmi music. 

  • Development of Ragtime; Early Jazz in the city of New Orleans.

  • Music in the Appalachian Mountains, or Mariachi Music  

  • The music or instruments of a given nation or country or area. “Music of Southeast Asia” 

  • ANY topic covered in the class! Gospel Music, Afro-Beats, Reggae, African drumming, etc.


  • Any instrument or group of instruments mentioned in the book. For example, the banjo, the berimbau, etc.

  • Percussion instruments from South America 

  • Bells of the World

  • Swing Music and World War II


The resources linked to this guide are a sampling of what is available in the library's online and physical collection.  The materials the library owns change on a daily basis.  To find more books, articles, and films on your topic, please search the library catalog.  

If you need help finding more sources, please contact a librarian at